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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Open Thursday - Monday 10am - 4pm (Last entry 3pm)
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

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Guided Tour Information

1 hour fully-guided educational tour specifically design to align with the National Curriculum

SEA LIFE Sydney's education team offer a range of exclusive guided tour programs. With a range of options available you will be able to develop the perfect day out of the classroom, for every school level. 

Our educational guided tours will always meet your curriculum requirements and we will continue with the same outstanding educational service from our educators.

We have renamed our curriculum focused tours to be aligned with our sister SEA LIFE Aquariums in Melbourne, Auckland and on the Sunshine Coast.




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Guided Tour Times

Our educational guided tours are unique, interactive journeys through the beauty and intricacies of the underwater world. You may choose to enhance your students' learning with one of the following topics. If there is a special request for a particular topic we will do our best to accommodate you. All our tours take include the *NEW* Day & Night on the Reef exhibit.

Please note the guided educational tours are for one hour with an educator and is limited to a minimum of 10 students and maximum of 30 per tour.

After your one hour guided tour you may then self guide for another hour with teachers and parent helpers assisting.

Guided Tour times are at 10am, 11am & 12pm each day Monday to Friday during school terms.

We can accommodate 4 classes (30 students) per day at the 10am time slot.

We can accommodate 2 classes (30 students) per day at the 11am time slot.

We can accommodate 2 classes (30 students) per day at the 12pm time slot.


Suitable for Years 7 - 10

Students will learn how and why classification is an important skill set for scientists. Students will consider the physical and behavioural features of animals on display, then draw upon similarities and differences that exist to organize species into taxonomic groups. They will also have an opportunity to practice their classification skills through the use of the dichotomous key.

Elaborations: ACSSU185 & ACSSU111



Suitable for Years 7 - 10

Students will learn why and how food chains and food webs function, and the roles & interactions of varying organisms within them. Students will also consider the impact human activity can have on these systems, and consider the concept of sustainability and renewable resources. Through real-life case studies, students will observe and discover a range of unique physical and behavioural adaptations & interactions employed by marine life to find food, and prevent becoming someone elses!

Elaborations: ACSSU150, ACSSU175 & ACSSU176



Suitable for Years 7 - 10

This conservation-based program is designed to get your students thinking about how science is used to care for our amazing marine environments. Students will identify ways in which we can manage and protect precious resources, such as water, and learn how to reduce and recycle waste at home and in school, to help protect threatened species and their habitats.

Elaborations: ACSHE022, ACSHE035, ACSIS024, ACSSU031 & ACSSU032

NSW Syllabus Outcomes Covered:

  • ST2-10LW - describes that living things have life cycles, can be distinguished from non-living things and grouped, based on their observable features.
  • ST2-11LW - describes ways that science knowledge helps people understand the effect of their actions on the environment and on the survival of living things.



Suitable for Yr 11 & 12 

A program that allows students to explore the ecology of aquatic communities by doing abundance and richness surveys and looking at methods of monitoring environmental factors.



Suitable for Yr 11 & 12 

This program explores the structural, functional and behavioral adaptations that enhance an organisms’ survival in the wild.





Teachers may download these worksheets for use in the classroom prior to or after your excursion. 

Classification | Business Studies | Habitats | Adaptations | Food Webs Yr 7 & 8 | Food Webs Yr 9 & 10

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Remember: You can also combine your visit to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium with WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, Sydney Tower Eye and Madame Tussauds Sydney and make great savings for your own or other classes at your school. View all pricing options and info here.