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Shark Cull to be Challenged

18 Feb 2014 16:42:58

Shark Cull to be Challenged

Environmental supporters received a major boost today as two fresh challenges to the Western Australia shark culling policy have arisen in the face of growing public displeasure. With the capture and termination of sharks of the coast of Western Australia commencing almost a month ago, the lack of promised results has justified the concerns of a large majority of the public who have questioned the scientific legitimacy of the policies.

However, hope has arisen in the form of a motion being introduced into the Western Australian Senate on Wednesday accusing the government of breaching conditions it was given to allow the killing of Great White Sharks. This motion claims that the controversial drum lines established on the WA coast have failed to catch any of the 'predatory' Great White Sharks they were intended to capture, but have rather seen a number of small sharks killed as part of the program.


This motion is aided by a recent push to petition the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, to step in and stop the cull before it decimates the Great White population. This survey, which you are able to access from the link below, is a strong show of support against this policy and will help both the EPA efforts and those of the Western Australian Senate. So sign the petition and lend your voice to this crucial environmental effort!

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