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Penguin Awareness Day

20 Jan 2017 00:00:00

Penguin Awareness Day

Say NO to single use plastics to help protect our penguins.

Plastic Pollution

Did you know what Friday, 20th January is Penguin Awareness Day?

SEA LIFE attractions across Australia and New Zealand along with the SEA LIFE Trust are calling for Australians to say NO to single use plastics to help protect penguins.

Wild penguin colonies just like those at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium are increasingly exposed to plastic rubbish, and they often mistake brightly coloured items such as plastic for food or swallow them by accident, leading to a slow and traumatic death through the ingestion or entanglement. 

King Penguin on Macquarie Island

Photo Credit: Marty Garwood

Plastic pollution accounts for almost 90 per cent of the marine debris found on Sydney’s beaches, and with Australians buying 600 million litres of bottled water a year, and using 10 million plastic bags a day – that’s a lot of rubbish harming our marine life!

SEA LIFE is asking our guests to please choose to reuse and recycle plastics 


Say NO to single use plastic items!

Next time you visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, be sure to visit our gift shop to check out our range of “I used to be” which are made from either recycled or environmentally friendly material! There are coffee mugs, notebooks, pens, and reusable shopping bags and more!

Our penguins and marine life will be extremely grateful!



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