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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour

Sydney 2000

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Regular Opening Hours
Open Thursday - Monday 10am - 4pm (Last entry 3pm)
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Virtual Aquarium



Dive into Sydney's only virtual aquarium right here! 

Below you can find a range of resources for you and your family to use while staying home. Join us for live streams of our keepers, aquarists and our star sea creatures. Get exclusive activity sheets, craft activities and downloadables! Whether you're looking for things to do with your family or a unique craft activity, you'll love a trip to the virtual aquarium.

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Tune in to Tank TV: Waddle Watch

We're bringing SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to you with 24/7 live streams of our most beautiful sea creatures.

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Live Streams

Discover more about some of our underwater creatures you'll find at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium by watching some of our live streams below! Meet Pig the Dugong, get up close to our Gentoo and King Penguins and learn more about what our keepers and aquarists do here every day!

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Craft Activities

Looking for some deep sea craft activities to share with your family?

Jellyfish Watercolour Craft

Did you know that jellyfish have no brains, heart, bones or eyes! Make your very own jelly blubbers with us! Follow along and create some beautiful watercolour jellyfish.

Mum & Baby Fish Craft

We think mums are FINtastic!
Follow along with us and create your very own Mum and Bub Fish Craft with your families.

Turtle Paper Plate Craft

We have some turtle-y awesome paper plate craft for you to share with your family! Follow along and make these adorable paper plate turtles!

Seahorse Paper Craft

Looking for a FIN-tastic seahorse craft to make with your family? We have you covered! Follow along with our video and make adorable seahorse art!

Shark Peg Craft

Want a JAWSOME shark craft activity to make with your family? Follow along with our video and make a super hungry, snappy shark!

Tropical Reef Fish Toilet Roll Craft

Wondering what to do with all your empty toilet paper rolls? We have the perfect at-home craft to do with your kids! Follow along and make your own Tropical Reef Fish


Discover our home schooling resources and activity sheets free for you to download to help bring some of our aquarium home with you and your family!

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Under the Sea Colouring Pages

Add some colour to your world with our under the sea colouring in activity sheets!

Lionfish Colouring

Lionfish Colouring In

Did you know Lionfish have beautifully red and white striped bodies - this helps them let predators know they are venomous! What colour will you make your lionfish? 


Coral Colouring in

Coral Reef Colouring In

Did you know that coral polyps are actually clear in colour? It is actually the little creatures called 'zooxanthellae' living on the coral that give it its colour! What colour are you going to make your coral reef? 


Turtle Colouring

Sea Turtle Colouring In

Did you know that sea turtles live their life out at sea but come ashore to lay their eggs.

Colour this turtle while it's out at sea! What colour will you make its shell?


Colouring In

Under the Sea Colouring In

Did you know that there are over 200,000 known sea creatures! Download our under the sea colouring in just a few of these creatures and follow along with our video as we colour in with you!


Ask an Aquarist

Want to know how big a Grey Nurse Shark can get or how many times a Penguin poops a day? Well our team of experts are here to help! Click the link below to Ask an Aquarist!

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Merlin's Education Toolbox

Whether you’re a teacher looking for lesson content, a parent looking for home school resources or just need some fun activities to fill 10 minutes, we’re here to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

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Looking for more animal adventures?

Take a trip over to WILD LIFE Sydney's Virtual Zoo! Meet Rocky the GIANT Saltwater Croc, get up close to adorable koalas and learn more about what their keepers do everyday!

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