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South Coast Shipwreck

Venture into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s new South Coast Shipwreck area, and discover the inhabitants of the deep and shallows, including Pineapple Fish, Octopus and Little Penguins!

Australia's oceans are rich with marine wildlife, and here, set amongst this beached shipwreck environment you can discover a vast array of animals including those found in Australia's coastal waters like the odd-looking Pineapple Fish. Not only do Pineapple Fish look vaguely like a heavily armoured pineapple, they also have a small light on their lower jaw for communicating with other Pineapple Fish and for finding prey in the dark.

Explore the depths of the sea to discover the ferocious-looking, but shy Green Moray eels - which despite their snake-like appearance, are indeed fish - peering out from inside their crevices. Or discover the Common Octopus - which with its distinctive bulbous head, huge eyes and incredible ability to hide in plain sight, is considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates.

Or you can peep at tropical fish and amazing coral through slatted timber portholes, whilst looking out to shore and watching the playful behaviour of Sydney Aquarium's colony of Little Penguins.

Sydney Octopus: One of the most intelligent animals in the ocean
Little Penguins: The world's smallest species of penguin - but the noisiest!
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