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Shark Walk and Shark Valley

Face your fears at Shark Walk, walk amongst some of the world’s biggest aquarium sharks and meet our newest resident - a GIANT grouper all in Shark Valley!

Face your fears on the new Shark Walk and walk over some of the world's biggest sharks including Lemon and Grey Nurse Sharks, before journeying deep under the sea and exploring the depths of Shark Valley.

New Animal!

Meet the newest resident, a GIANT Queensland Grouper, in the Shark Valley tunnels, and immerse yourself in a lost underwater world of a bygone age. Amongst the jagged rocks, the remains of a giant whale skeleton lies on the seabed as the glancing eyes of the world's most graceful predator, the shark, stare back at you. 

As you enter a deep ocean cave, shark fossils lie around you with the history of where sharks first began! As you leave the dark waters behind, sharks and rays glide between the tumbled-down ruins of an ancient stone temple and the giant face of the temple guardian emerges in front of you.

Grey Nurse Shark: Gentle giants, hunted to near extinction
Queensland Grouper: The world's largest species of bony fish
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