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Rocky Shores

The area around a large body of water, such as a lake, sea or ocean is described as the shoreline.

The animals that live here have to be adaptable to their surroundings as they often have to deal with wide ranges of physical and environmental factors.  These include wave action, tides, temperature changes and salinity changes in the water.

Where the surging waves meet unyielding rock you will find a unique group of animals and plants able to withstand this harsh environment. With the rise of the tide comes a flood of nutrients and oxygenated water. It also brings with it predators, hungry for the opportunity to pick off the herbivores and filter feeders that have come to life.

Here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Rocky Shores exhibit, surrounded by sea views and blue sky, you'll discover some of the amazing animals that call this habitat home, including the fascinating Flashlight Fish, Wobbegongs, Moon Jellyfish and unusual-looking (to say the least!) Estuarine Stonefish. 

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In 2008/9 SEA LIFE Conservation Fund tagged and released 17 captive bred wobbegongs in to aquatic reserves around Sydney. These protected areas are important for protecting entire ecosystems and their inhabitants from extractive activities such as fishing. The wobbegongs thrived, and this project was a world first for putting captive born sharks into the wild.

Estuarine Stonefish: One of the most venomous fish in the world
Moon Jellyfish: A common sighting on Sydney’s shoreline
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