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Dangerous and deadly

Venomous Species

Discover some of our species...



Well known for its long venomous spines that resemble the mane of a lion, the Lionfish is one of the most common aquarium fish. Typically found along the seaward edge of reefs, lagoons and rocky surfaces to 50 metres deep, the red and white striped lionfish prey on small fish and invertebrates. Don’t be fooled by the ornate beauty of the lionfish as they are the second most venomous fish in the world after the Estuarine stonefish!

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns Starfish

Known as the Crown-of-Thorns, this seastar receives its name from its venomous spines and its resemblance to the biblical Crown of Thorns. Most commonly found in the tropical and subtropical waters of Australia, a full grown adult can reach widths of 35 centimetres. The spines of the Crown of Thorns acts as a defence mechanism, piercing through the soft surfaces of large predators including species of pufferfish, triggerfish and molluscs.

Red Rock Cod

Red Rock Cod

The Red Rock cod, also commonly known as the Scorpionfish can be found trawling the shallow and temperate coastal waters of eastern Australia. Despite its name, this species varies in colour from reddish brown to hues of dark brown and black. Similar to scorpions, the Red Rock cod is venomous and often catches its prey by surprise as its appearance can resemble the rocky sea floor.