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Sydney Harbour Species

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Old Wife

Old Wife

The characteristic silver and black striped Old wife (Enoplosus armatus) has two prominent dorsal fins and a concaved forehead. This species of fish is native to the temperate coastal waters of Australia and grows up to 50 centimetres long. The Old wife has been observed to swim in pairs or large schools.

Port Jackson Shark

Port Jackson Shark

The Port Jackson shark inhabits the temperate waters surrounding Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour). The appearance of this shark species is browner in colour than its relatives and possesses distinct harness-like markings making them easily distinguishable. The Port Jackson shark can grow up to 1.65 metres in length and feeds on molluscs, small fish and echinoderms.



The Snapper is typically found amongst rocky reefs and estuaries along the coasts in Australasia. This species can grow up to 1.3 metres in length and its diet is predominantly made up of crustaceans, fish, marine worms, starfish and sea urchins. Unfortunately, there are growing concerns about the Snapper’s diminishing population due to overfishing.