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Delicate and majestic

Seahorses and Relatives

Discover some of our species...

Kuda Seahorse

Kuda Seahorse

Native to the Indo-Pacific region, the Kuda seahorse, or the Yellow seahorse, can grow to a size of up to 30 centimetres. Similar to many species of seahorses, they are considered to be great at camouflaging because of their bony structure and grainy, textured skin. The Kuda species has a carnivorous diet ranging from plankton to small crustaceans.

Whites Seahorse

White's Seahorse

The White’s seahorse or Sydney seahorse is local to the shores of NSW and is particularly abundant near Port Stephens and Sydney Harbour. The pigmentation of this species ranges from hues of yellow to cream which helps them blend in with their habitat. Its long snout is used to suck up prey such as small crustaceans. Wow fact: male seahorses become pregnant and deliver the offspring.



The Razorfish adopts a unique and easily identifiable position of head-down, tail-up that mimics the spines of sea urchins. Growing up to 15 centimetres long, they are typically found within coastal reefs in the Indo-Pacific region where sea urchins live. Razorfish have been observed to eat zooplankton as well as tiny crustaceans.