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At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, we are committed to protecting Australia's unique aquatic animals and their habitats.


Everything we do is about celebrating the sea. We're passionate about preserving marine habitats and protecting the incredible species that live in them. Marine conservation is at the heart of everything we do- supporting projects across the world that inspire more people to care.


Our Conservation Commitments


We save as many sick, injured or orphaned sea creatures as we can, rehabilitating and returning them to the sea each year- and we're committed to doing more.


We raise funds for conservation projects like Saving Nemo's Home - identifying the impacts of sea temperature rises on sedentary species such as anemones.


Our global programme protects endangered creatures like seahorses. We never take any from the sea for display.


With over ten million visitors a year, we raise the awareness of marine conservation issues, build support for conservation projects, and inspire more people around the world to care.


We actively engage our visitors on current marine issues, petitioning governments, hosting conferences, supporting causes- to ban whaling, outlaw shark-finning, support marine parks and reduce by-catch.

Expert care:

We have some amazing creatures living with us. We only keep those we know will flourish in our carefully prepared habitats.

Whales and Dolphins:

We believe these creatures should not be captured, kept in captivity or publicly displayed and are actively committed to ethical methods of reducing the numbers that are.


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