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Dugong Island

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is home to 2 amazing dugongs - Pig and Wuru. Both of our dugongs were orphaned in the wild and could not be re-released following their rescue.


Video: Wuru swimming around in her oceanarium.

**UPDATE: APRIL 2014**

Due to construction noise from works taking place on the wharf out the front of the aquarium, Pig and Wuru, our resident dugongs, have been taken off display. As dugongs are very sensitive to noise, this is best for their well-being. Pig and Wuru are holidaying in a quieter area at the rear of the aquarium with no public access. 

The only dugongs on display in Australia!

Our resident dugongs Pig and Wuru are the only dugongs on display in Australia and two of only six - and the only pair - on display anywhere in the world. Both dugongs were rescued after being orphaned separately in the wild, both at just a few days old.


Affectionately named after his eating habits, Pig is now 14 years old and was rescued from Forrest Beach in North Queensland when he became separated from his mother at a very early age.

After a period of rehabilitation, Pig was released into the wild. However when he was found washed up again a decision was made not to release him again for fears he wouldn't survive.


Wuru, is 8 years old, and was also orphaned early. And although she's much younger than Pig, at over 400kg she's actually twice his size - as is the norm for female dugongs.

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Dugongs are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Each year the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund contributes funding to assess the health of wild dugongs. This species is in decline in the wild and scientists are attempting to find out how the current populations will fare into the future. You can find out more about the dugong research here.


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