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Bay of Rays

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July 2015 Update: Bay of Rays is currently under redevelopment as part of an exciting new experience coming soon to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

The Tropical Bay of Rays area of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, houses the most colourful combination of Australian rays - many threatened or endangered - ever displayed together.

There are more than 600 species of rays worldwide. Rays have adapted to survive in open oceans, shallow reefs, deep continental shelves, estuaries and freshwater environments.

Similar to sharks, rays have skeletons made out of cartilage; they are identified by a flattened body with gills found on the underside of their 'disc' (body) and vary significantly in size - some rays, like the Manta Ray, can grow to 7m and weigh over 1300kg!

A variety of ray species call the new Bay of Rays home, many of which are making their debut appearance at the attraction.

It will be difficult to miss the electric blue spots of the Fantail Rays and the Blue-spotted Maskray, and with other species including the spectacular White-spotted Guitarfish, the new tropical oasis is a sight not to be missed.

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Many of the fish you see at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium feed on fish in the wild. With sustainability of seafood a growing concern we carried out an audit of the fish we feed our animals. All but a couple of fish were deemed good choices based on recent fisheries status reports. We're working on alternatives for those that are classified as overfished in the wild. You can find out more at 'Fish for the Future'.


Meet some of the residents . . .

Leopard Whipray: The most stunning of all the stingrays
White-spotted Guitarfish: A link between sharks and rays
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